Professional Driver Development from nick padmore

Nick Padmore will make you faster, whether you’re a front runner in an international championship, or a steady mid-grid racer in a club series. Through video and data analysis, Nick breaks down your driving and can eloquently transfer his knowledge and skills so that you see instant results. Nick is fully invested in your improvement and will go beyond just looking at data: track walks, setting your car up properly, racing technique and preparation are all covered. Tens of thousands of pounds are spent trying to find half a second in a car so why not spend a small fraction of that and find a second a lap or more?

  • Tailored coaching that makes the most out of the time available.
  • Nick isn’t there to score points and go faster than you – he is 100 per cent dedicated to making you faster.
  • Every aspect of racing is covered, from mental preparation to race technique, via car setup and driving style.
  • Whatever your knowledge level, Nick will clearly explain all the thinking behind every decision.
  • Make the most of Nick’s experience – he’s successfully raced Formula 1 cars, sports cars, historics and tin tops.
  • Results can be seen in almost immediately – Nick won’t promise lots and not deliver.
  • Past clients have found up to three seconds a lap with only a couple of days with Nick.
  • You’ll get support away from your days with Nick. Struggling with a particular circuit when he’s not there? He’s always on the end of the phone, willing to help, at no extra cost.

“I gave Nick a call as I had no idea how to set up my MGB, and I knew I wasn’t getting the best out of it. Within four half-hour sessions at Snetterton, he’d managed to find me two seconds a lap, and he’d sorted the setup within five laps! Absolutely astonishing. If you’re wondering how to go faster, forget spending thousands on the car, get Nick for a day – it’s about a tenth of the price, and you’ll find way more time. Since that day at Snetterton, I’ve only ever called Nick when I want someone to race my car with me, and I am now doing a larger programme with him. It’s amazing to see the improvement, and it goes to show that anyone can go quicker, even someone as ham-fisted as me!”

Ed Foster

“We have been on the most incredible journey with Nick. With barely a trackday between myself and my sons, we enlisted Nick to urgently help us get to grips with our first racing car, an historic mini. Great racing drivers don’t always make great coaches, but in just 2 years Nick, who is an outstanding coach, has guided us to podiums and class wins in both historic and recently in Mini 7S class. His triumph is his ability to build a complete skill set that pushes you to find the limit of your abilities without pushing you beyond them and into unnecessary danger. We really can’t recommend him more highly, and to cap it all he’s a really decent bloke too.”

Giles Page
What is driver development?

Driver development covers all areas of racing and track driving. However, Nick’s main aim is that his clients leave as faster drivers. More importantly, they understand where and why they have improved.

What do I get in a standard day with Nick Padmore?

A standard day starts with a very good understanding of what you need. Everyone is different, and clear goals are set before the day starts. You’ll be sent out first to set a benchmark, before Nick gets in and does a few laps. After that, he’ll sit in the passenger seat to see how you drive and also analyse the data to find that extra speed.

How can Nick Padmore’s driver development programme help me?

With Nick’s decades of experience, he can analyse exactly what you’re doing and when. While much of this can be seen from sitting next to you, everything is laid bare in the data. There’s no escape!

Is Nick Padmore qualified to coach me?

Yes, he’s a qualified ARDS Grade A instructor with over 30 years of experience.

I’m totally new to track driving, can Nick Padmore still help me?

Nick mostly trains race drivers, but he also helps complete novices take their first steps into track days. He’s also worked with people right from that first step up to being competitive in national championships.

How do I book Nick Padmore?

Just drop Nick a note on the contact form and find some dates that work. Once you’ve got those, Nick will look into the right car and track.

What do I need to bring with me on the day?

The more kit you have the better, but your own helmet and suitable driving shoes are a must.

Which circuit does he teach on?

The circuit choice always depends on your ability and what car you’re driving. Nick has taught at most of the racing circuits here in the UK and Europe so if you have a preference, do say.

I race single-seaters, can Nick still help me?

Absolutely – coaching in a single seater isn’t an issue as Nick will use the video data. He will also go out and watch from various corners.

Do I need a race licence?

You won’t need a race licence for track days, just a normal road licence, but for test days you will need one.

Can Nick Padmore coach me in my car or does he have one?

He can coach in your car, but he does have access to a race car for hire.

Will data and video be available?

Of course, Nick will happily supply data and video footage of your day to also analyse away from the track ahead of your next outing.

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